Failure to Thrive

I am, literally, ready to cry.  Baby has a “Failure to thrive”, not gaining enough weight.  She isn’t eating enough.  But what’s really breaking my heart is completely discontinuing breastfeeding.  I still nurse her at night, its so much easier.  But the thought is that she’s falling asleep & not eating.  I think she looks great, she’s happy, pudgy, crazy cute!  But her weight gain is too slow & she is gradually dropping on the growth charts, both height & weight.  I wish I knew how my first progressed, that pediatrician was a lot more relaxed, as long as the baby looked well & was happy. Only my first wasn’t a happy baby.

Now, the question is, do I continue to TED diet for me?  I was able to determine that pork is a problem for the baby.  Determining that much and possibility of finding more makes me want to comtinue.  Do I try to go back to pumping?  Do I just let it go in the hopes of better medication for me.  Is it my medicine slowing her down?


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