I Survived 

I’m not suffering as much as expected after yesterday’s exertions.   This morning it was very, very difficult to get up, & I did have a migraine starting. But the excedrine helped.  Today was equally crazy & busy.  The baby was fussy & I carried her around in a pouch for an hour this morning.  Helped my cousins move boxes this afternoon & I am feeling it.  The joints in my knees, hips, hands, & feet are achey.   My arms burn like a marathon & my back aches in its usual way.

I’ve been sticking with the TED, looking into the allowance of herbs & spices.  But I don’t want to change anything until after the freedom swim since I’ve been feeling & doing better.  Hopefully this will continue & I’ll easily complete the swim.  I’m praying I’ve found the cure & this isn’t just a short remission.  I’m 5 days migraine free, so my next one isn’t due until after the swim (every 7ish days).


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