Whammy Day 

Its another whammy day.  Fibro flare, migraine, & shingles outbreak.  My morning breakfast was a pharmaceutical blend.  Tylenol, alleve, & very concentrated coffee shot (double expresso in 2 swallows), zofran for the nauses all that will cause & zantac to protect my stomach lining.  I’ll feel something in an hour, even if its just nausea & vomiting.

Fatigue overwhelmed my insane sense of work ethic & guilt.  I’m staying in bed today.   I slept through my alarm, got up only out of guilt cause my husband has so much to do, but I’m not catching up with him until later.  I didn’t sleep well last night & am feeling it this morning.  Body, face, & head are all so achey. 

I started on LDN Friday.  I thought it was helping, but now it doesn’t feel like it.


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