Menstrual Cups

I’m really starting to believe that some women just can’t wear menstrual cups.  I’m one of those unusual lady’s with a very low cervix and very heavy low.  99% of you think your flow is heavy, but really,  only 1% of you have a heavy flow.  How do you know which you are?  By what you buy.  If you buy regular products, you have a regular flow.  As I was researching menstrual cups, I would laugh out loud at lady’s concerned a cup wouldn’t hold their heavy flow because a regular pad only lasted them 8 hours.   If that describes you, honey, drop everything and thank God in Heaven for a light period and consider yourself lazy.  You don’t really need a cup, if you did get one, you would empty it once in the morning and once at night for health reasons, be careful you don’t forget it’s there!

For those of us with menorrhagea,  like myself, it’s no wonder doctors didn’t believe us.  For 30 years I have told doctors my period was heavy, but so has the above described women.  Difference is, I overflow 2 supervise products in 2 hours & stain my clothes.  I overflow a menstrual cup in less than 4, it was quite a relief to go 4 hours between changes!  Especially at night.  But that didn’t solve my problems.  As great as that cup was,  it didn’t fit.  While the average woman can rum out to Walgreens, CVS, or Target and grab a Diva cup and be happy for life,  in addition to a heavy flow, I have a low cervix and fibromyalgia.

So my first cup was the Yukki 2-pak, a hard & soft.  The Yukki has a higher capacity while being shorter, but it was still too long. And folding them inside -out didn’t help.  Both were too hard for me to fold, especially the hard one.  After that experience I decided to try the Organicup, it was shallower & softer,  too soft, a complete waste of money.   Apparently, even after kids & over 30, my muscles are stronger than average because it wouldn’t open up,  so I can’t comment on any other aspects of this cup.

Now, with a 5-month baby & the return of my heavy menstrual cycle I figured I was ready to try menstrual cups again.   So I researched the charts & picked out 3 based on shorter length, higher capacity, & softer.  I figured at 40 & a 5-month baby softer would be good.  I chose the Lena, Lunette, & Moon Cups, read the reviews on Amazon & picked the Lena.  Probably the last time I buy a cup,  and not because I like it.

I like the Lena, the texture is smoother,  softer, less noticeable once inserted.  But with my fibromyalgia,  I still can’t seem to keep it folded to insert it.

The Lena in particular seems too soft to open after being inserted and leaks, but is hard enough & long enough to cause painful cramping, even the smaller one.

So I researched “unusually short cervix & heavy flow” & found this old blog, and a few other.  I’m considering buying one more cup,  the shortest I can find, now that I’m back on the topiramate & my flow will be really light. But do I get firm or soft?


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