Lessons Learned After Irma

We are finally back home after evacuating from Hurricane Irma, and, as with each storm,  I’ve learned a few things from the evacuation.

  1. It’s not a sudden emergency.   All this packing and preparation I’ve done every June was over kill.  I’m going to have a week to prepare.  The reason you shop in June us because there isn’t enough for everyone the day before the hurricane.  If everyone in the USA went to the store today & bought 1 gallon of water,  there wouldn’t be enough, yet everyone thinks they can wait until the hurricane comes to go shopping.
  2. With my fibromyalgia, I can’t just pack up and leave.  That means we have to leave earlier & stay closer.  We need to leave earlier, stop more, and spend more money on hotels.  On the way out, it was a rush, we waited,  so we had to drive straight through.  When we stopped, I couldn’t walk.  I had to stand & lean against the van for several minutes until my back & legs could bear weight, much less move.
  3. Only Verizon works in North Florida.   We had a 3-car caravan & lacked the ability to communicate.  So everytime granny had to pee, we would look in our rearview and realize we’re a car short.  Which also meant doing the ‘cell phone juggle’ to determine which phone we could use for GPS.  Paper maps would have been useful could we have found them.

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