About Us

I’m 40 years old with fibromyalgia and I just had a baby girl.  My son is 11 years old, my husband has a genetic heart defect that has recently begun to interfere with his ability to work. I’ve been struggling with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue for 5  years, so pregnancy was really hard, but I’ve had it since I was 19m

The purpose of this blog is to tell others of my breastfeeding challenges, and perhaps some other stuff.  I fall into the ‘crunchy mama’ crowd, we homeschool, try to eat organic & non-GMO, etc.  Check out my links to my favorite sites for help & advice.

 We are trying to exclusively breastfeed,  having a lot of challenges, so I tried to pump & bottle feed.  I found a video on YouTube about a mom that exclusively pumped 1200 ounces a day!  So I’m going to follow her tips & give it another try.  Must be a young thing cause my story is not nearly successful.   With my son & the whisper wear pump 11 years ago I probably got that much, or could have without trying. 

The hardest part is my diet restrictions.   I cant eat wheat because it causes a flair & intense itching.  I avoid soy because of thyroid disease.   And now I can’t have milk because the baby is allergic

Problem is, what to do while sttapped to a pump several hours a day.  I’ve watched videos on YouTube, surfed the internet & Facebook, even played games; but I’m bored of all that.  I thought ‘why not make all my mindless ramblings into a blog ‘, maybe I’ll get lucky, people will like it, & I can get sponsors/advertisers & not have to go back to work.  One can dream.