Half Baked

If my posts seem incomplete, that’s because they are.   I tend to forget what I want to say or share.  Or I save it to finish it & forget, then find it next time I go to write & wonder what I was saying.   Also, I like to keep it short for other Fibro Friends, assuming that they, like me, have the attention span of a fly. 

I updated my beach post to explain that 2 days in the sun & sand wore me out instead of recharging.  I spent today on the couch begging the baby to sleep.  I really neeed help, but none was available.   My family doesn’t understand me/Fibro & they are busy with their own lives.   Church comes first, mu husband only work til 3.  While it seems like an eternity, by time I can get someone here, he is almost home.

Fibro Fog

Most people don’t understand the depth of this problem.   Everyone at some point walks into a room & forgets why.   New moms ubderstand this concept well in the few days that follow birth.  I’ve accused my husband of ‘mommy brain’, when the baby was first born, he kept forgetting his phone.  If he remebered his phone, he forgot his sunglasses.   The ADD adult probably gets it too.  But Fibro Fog is much more persistent. Its that old senior joke of starting to clean the table, finding the bills to mail, looking for a stamp & finding something else, & so on.  At the end of the day you’ve been busy, you’re tired, & have accomplished nothing. 

Earlier this week I put a turkey in the oven in the evening & went to bed,  woke up & turned the oven off only to have the bird spoil in the oven.  Today I unplugged the crockpot with a beef roast in it before leaving all day & came home to a smelly kitchen.

When I applied for SSD, they wanted to know what I do all day & I don’t have an answer for that, i don’t know what I do.  I feel like I’ve been busy, but nothing is ever done.  Unless I spend the day on the couch.   I have a to do list as long as my arm that I rarely remember to check.

Beach Healing

Had a good time at the beach, now my head hurts.  A friend told me that if i went to the beach twice a week, it wound cure my fibromyalgia, its worth a try!  I love the beach!  

The plan is, beach twice a week & free yoga at the library Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Maybe I can At least do that since I haven’t been making it to the pool.  If I get started with yoga, maybe I’ll be able to work my way back up to swimming, I’ve gotta start somewhere.

Update, after 2 days at the beach & pool, I’m more exhausted than ever, so much for recharging in the sun & sand.  Proves I’m not related to Superman, ha!  I meant to take the naltroxen this morning & see if I feel better, but forgot.  I’m not taking it tonight because that is when I breastfeed the baby.  I’ll try to remember it tomorrow. 

Eliminate Diet

I haven’t really decided what to do with baby.   I am trying the TED elimination diet as Dr. Sears describes it to see if baby does better.  I would need to go back to breastfeeding, but gave up on the first night!  Bottle feeding is so convenient & it doesn’t make me sleepy.  But mostly because insomnia hit me the first night & baby has decided to wake up at 2 AM.  I’m pretty sure reflux got her last night, I heard her gagging & gasping.  Maybe from yhe Nexium, maybe the apple juice I’m mixing it with.  I’m thinking of mixing it with pear instead, but that isn’t approved on the directions for Nexium.

Also, who knows what kind of job I’m going to get or what hours it’ll be & I don’t want to wean or change our breastfeeding schedule.  When we can finally start the challenge part of this diet, I’ll be seeing the doctor for a mental evaluation & medication, so I wonder if I’ll even get the chance to see how baby reacts.  But maybe I’ll find out if any affect my fibromyalgia, like wheat does. 

Side Effects 

Got up at 4:30 AM again to go to day labor, waited 3 hours & didn’t get any work, again.  So I’m not going to go back.  And now I’m exhausted. Hubby was up with baby at 5 AM, so when I got home I had to care for her while hubby slept since he has to work.

Around 4 PM, baby was hungry & I didn’t want to make a bottle, so I breastfed her, I still have plenty of milk.  Turns out my increased fatigue & apathy are a side-effect of breastfeeding.   The hormones that are released makes one sleepy & I’m already suffering with chronic fatigue.  At that point we laid down & napped together for 2 hours.

Baby hasn’t reacted too well to #2 on the list of best baby formulas, Gerber Good Start Gentle.  It just doesn’t taste as well as Enfamil Enspire, she’ll eat 3 ounces of that. And the rash on her face is even worse.  But she doesn’t have the gas she did on Nutramigen.   So I’ve started mixing Gerber with Enspire until the Enspire is gone.  Then, if she doesn’t handle the Gerber well, I’ll mix Enspire with Nutramigen until she takes it.  We see the pediatrician next week.

The IBS is really getting to me

I saw the allergist & was tested.  No food allergies, but year around environmental allergies. 

Crying Baby

Why do we lose our minds when babies cry?  BabyFry was fighting sleep and crying, so I stopped at McDonald’s, got an iced tea, as I rocked, fed, & shushed her  until she fell asleep.  Now I’m at McDonald’s holding a sleeping baby.

I’m feeling ‘bipolar’ for lack of a better word.   I was soooo depressed & tired for 2 or 3 weeks, but I’ve been up & going the last few days, been happy & laughing at annoying stuff.  I’ve been wanting to breastfeed again, but haven’t cause I’m hoping to start work at Circle K & I’m waiting to find out if I’ll be able to breastfeed when I get medicated.   I don’t want to go through the pain of weaning again.

Baby Formula

We are still on the search for the perfect baby formula.   I have already posted the link to reviews.com top baby picks & emailed them the correction on Enfamil Enspire.  I will be updated this postbas we try more formulas.  With all this rain, my fibro has been in full swing. The formulas we have tried so far are Enfamil Newborn, Enfamil Nutramigen, Enfamil Enspire, & Gerber Gentle. The Enfamil Newborn I started when baby became very dehydrated at 3 days old.  When my milk came in, she couldn’t latch properly.   She had 1 peed diaper & I rushed out & bought formula.  She was down 20% & they almost hospitalized her.  She threw up the formula & breastmilk, so doc assumed a milk allergy & So prescribed Nutramigen.  6 weeks later & baby still wont eat it & it gives her horrible, painful gas.

When I decided it was time to go back on my fibro meds & I was forced to seek work, I started researching formulas.  Based on Reviews.com, we tried Enspire.  It is a standard, cows milk based formula sweetened with lactose.  She loved it!  Didn’t seem to have any problems, but then she got a rash on her face.  Then I discovered it wasn’t hydrolyzed &, based on baby’s rash, we went to #2 on the list, Gerber Gentle.  She likes it well enough.  I like that its partly sweetened with lactose.  Doc likes that she eats it & tolerates it well.  But WIC doesn’t allow Gerber because lactose is harder on the stomach, which doesn’t make any sense since breastmilk is 100% sweetened with lactose.   They provide Emfamil Gentles which is 100% corn syrup.  As was the Nutramigen.   This isn’t natural for babies.  And perhaps that’s why formula fed babies are more likely to be obese & develop diabetes, corn syrup.

The first ingredient in Nutramigen & Enfamil Gentlease is corn syrup.  The first ingredient in Gerber Gentle is whey protein.   The ingredients are listed in order of most to least, I take this to mean that Enfamil is mostly sugar, that can’t be healthy (except Enspire which is sweetened with lactose).

*update 6/16/17 we ran out of Gerber gentlease & used the Enfamil Enspire, BabyFry broke out on her face with big, angry bumps & diarrhea.  WIC doesn’t approve of Gerber so we got Enfamil Gentle, when I opened the can it smelled like chemicals.  When I made the formula, it smelled like butt!