Baby Monitors 

Call me ‘old school, but I fail to understand why my baby monitor needs a video feed.   All I need to know is if my baby is crying then I will go check on her.   I have no plans on leaving her alone to play and needing video to see if she’s safe. Or perhaps this is a ‘helicopter mom’s necessity.  And I haven’t figured out how to use my phone. Do I prop my phone in front of my baby then generate in front of the computer?  Or does this trick require 2 phones?  At any rate, I lack the addiction to sit in front of electronics  that   much.  My husband would probably love it though.

Perhaps some of you younger whipper snappers can educate me on this necessity.  Or how to use my phone as a baby monitor.   Until then, I’m going old school and buying a 900 MHz dual channel baby monitor.   Not Wi-Fi because ours is so flakey.


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